Provincial Grand Royal Arch Chapter of Angus and Mearns

Offic Bearers 2017-2018

Grand Superintendant

Edward R. Bonnar


Grand Superintendant Edward R. Bonnar Broughty Castle No.423
Immediate Past Grand Superintendent Gordon D. Ross Union No.6
Past Grand Superintendent
William N. Beckers
St. David No.164
Past Grand Superintendent
William Greig
Ancient No.470
Past Grand Superintendent William McEwan Camperdown No.271
Past Grand Superintendent Tom Frost Enoch No.3
Depute Grand Superintendent
I. Gordon C. Smith
Operative No.47
Depute Grand Superintendent
Donald T. Downier
Hope No.9
Provincial Grand H. Robert W. Wishart Roineach Mhor No.1308
Provincial Grand J. George Milne Camperdown No.271
Provincial Grand Scribe E Colin Warden Ancient No.470
Provincial Scribe N Kenneth C.R. Hepburn Operative No.47
Treasurer James G. Robertson Ancient No.470
Recorder James A. Young Operative No.47
Chancellor Gordon Duncan Union No.6
1st Sojourner Tom Lloyd Enoch No.3
2nd Soujorner Steven Middleton Enoch No.3
3rd Sojourner James McAulay Union No.6
Sword Bearer Michael Milne Hope No.9
Director of Ceremonies Peter Moir Albert No.503
Assistant Director of Ceremonies Albert Findlay Operative No.47
Superintendant of Works William Hunter Elijah No.12
1st Standard Bearer John Glen Hope No.9
2nd Standard Bearer John Roy St. David No.164
3rd Standard Bearer Neville Stewart Camperdown No.271
4th Standard Bearer Grant Thomson Enoch No.3
Organist Willie Rattray Ancient No.470
President of Stewards Harry Conway Victory No. 449
1st Steward David Marra Union No.6
2nd Steward Ryan Henderson Union No.6
3rd Steward Sydney Turner Hope No.9
4th Steward Patrick Regan Albert No.503
5th Steward George Leaburn St. David No.164
6th Steward John Harper Ancient No.470
7th Steward Steven Alexander Camperdown No.271


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